cswaite designs
Professional Graphic Designer and Illustrator



Advertising, Art Direction, Brand Development,
Large Scale & Mass Printing, Large Scale Trade
Show Graphics, Layout Design, Logo Design,
Packaging Design, Typography, Web Design
  • Freelance Design
  • Graphic Designer at the Exhibit Source 
  • Graphic Designer at Distinctive Directories
  • Freelance Designer at United Way
  • Art Director for project with Bubbles in the Think Tank

The Exhibit Source - marketing materials
Above are some of the  e-blasts created to reach out to our clients and contacts. These are usually advertisements based on current events and upcoming trade shows. They also serve as reminders of when the office is closed. 
The Exhibit Source -trade show graphics
Working side by side with structural designers to create eye-catching trade show booth graphics. The graphics must always reflect the client’s branding and flow nicely with the booth structure requirements.
United Way
The world’s largest privately-funded nonprofit with a focus on education, financial stability and health. I worked as a freelance
graphic designer. I created spec sheets, posters, tent cards, tickets and memorabilia which showed appreciation for their workers and sponsors.
Distinctive Directories
Distinctive Directories is a publishing house that produces six annual publications that cover the desirable Central Connecticut and Connecticut Shoreline market. They include The West Hartford Book, The Glastonbury Book, The Shoreline Book, The Valley Book, Spring Handbook and Autumn Handbook. These are various ads that are featured in the publications.
Music & Arts
Specializing in instrument rentals, sales and lessons, Music & Arts
is the store for every type of musician. The nationwide chain’s previous campaign was geared specifically towards children, which is only part of their clientele. The sensation of energy, volume and vibration was created through illustration. The 
color palette and campaign verbiage was chosen keeping in mind the goal of being inclusive to all ages.
Locks of Rock - lyrics about hair
The book features lyrics about hair that were written by rock bands from the 60’s and 70’s.  The typography illustrates the movement of hair.
Alfred Hitchcock's- selected takes, notecard set 
The box set includes six die-cut cards. Each card showcases a popular movie. The outside of the folded card shows one object and then opens to reveal a scene. For example the Psycho card shows the shower drain on the outside, but when you open it there’s the Bates Motel sign. This feature comes from Hitchcock’s use of suspense. The box opens and shuts like a director’s cut. As a nod to Hitchcock, his picture is included on the inside of the envelope. He often made a brief cameo in his movies.
Crush- aphrodisiac cookies
Sophisticated product with an apothecary style makes it feel like you’re creating your own love potion. A mortar and pestle is included to crush the aphrodisiac elements. Crush can mean the beggining stages of love or how you prepare the ingredients. The aphrodisiac elements included are pumpkin seeds, chili peppers, basil leaves and fig. These are cookies for an adult palette. A lace apron is also included.